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Aluminum ladder ladder

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Product description

The aluminum alloy cable tray has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, unique style, large load capacity and light weight. After anodizing the surface of the aluminum alloy cable tray, it is not only resistant to corrosion, but also resistant to electromagnetic interference, especially anti-shield interference, which is irreplaceable for steel bridges. Aluminum alloy bridges play an important role in modern industry, modern defense, and modern high technology.

Features, scope of use

Excellent high corrosion resistance, suitable for power plants, chemical industry, petrochemical and other fields, especially suitable for places with high corrosion environment. The extruded ladder and crosspiece make the bridge look smooth, reasonable processing technology and connection mode, which makes the bridge easy to install, and the large span disc straight can meet the bearing capacity of 6 meters. Aluminum alloy disc bottom plate, which can be flat plate structure or embossed stamping structure as needed.

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