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Fire board trough straight through bridge

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The fire-retardant steel fire-proof bridge frame is suitable for power cables of 10KV or less, as well as indoor and outdoor overhead cable trenches and tunnels for control cables and lighting wiring. The fire-retardant steel fireproof bridge is mainly composed of a composite of a fireproof board and a metal skeleton composited with a glass fiber reinforced material and an inorganic binder, and other fireproof substrates. The outer layer is coated with fireproof coating. The flame retardant steel fireproof bridge will not burn after the fire, thus blocking the fire spread. It has excellent fire and fire retardant effect, and has fire resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity and pollution-free. Convenient, reasonable structure, long service life, and beautiful appearance. The cable is installed in the cable tray, the environment is clean and convenient, and the cleaning is convenient. Fireproof coatings have the characteristics of thin coating, high fire resistance and strong adhesion.

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