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Steel galvanized steel cable tray

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Advantages of hot dip galvanized cable tray: It has very good anti-corrosion performance, long durability, long life than ordinary bridge, high industrialization and stable quality. Therefore, it is widely used in outdoor environments where atmospheric corrosion is severe and difficult to maintain.

The trough cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray, which is most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other highly sensitive system control cables. It shields the cable from interference and corrodes the cable in the environment. Protection has a good effect. Surface treatment is divided into galvanizing, spray coating, passivation, hot dip galvanizing, galvanized nickel alloy, etc. It is made of high quality hot and cold steel plate and is suitable for laying various cables or pipelines. It can be used for metallurgy, power petrochemical, electromechanical, industrial and mining. The interior and exterior cables of high-rise buildings such as enterprises, supermarkets, and high-grade passenger pipes are laid out, cable trenches, and tunnels. The shield of the trough cable tray is supplied with the trough body, and other accessories are common to the stepped and pallet bridges. If you need other specifications of the trough cable tray, you can order or contact us.

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