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Hot-dip galvanized cable tray straight through

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The hot-dip galvanized bridge (hot-dip galvanized cable tray) has very good anti-corrosion performance and has a much longer life than ordinary bridges and is durable. The heating part of the galvanizing furnace is controlled by the numerical control system. The heating system adopts the most advanced high-frequency pulse flame heating method in the world. The system can accurately control the temperature of the zinc liquid in the zinc pot, and the control precision can reach any two points in the zinc pot. The temperature difference is ±1 degree. The hot-dip galvanizing and pretreatment process adopts the advanced hot-dip galvanizing process of the German company Baylin. The processed products have the advantages of uniform coating, beautiful appearance, strong adhesion and long corrosion resistance of the coating. The production process uses the most advanced production processes in Europe, with a maximum production capacity of 9 tons / hour and a 1.5-fold increase in production compared to similar production lines. In terms of environmental protection, we have adopted an advanced plating agent to remove iron recycling equipment, acid mist recovery system, and flue gas waste heat utilization system to improve the protection of the surrounding environment.

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