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How to make the error analysis of instrument pipe joint

Accuracy is the basis of the quality assurance of instrument pipe joint. In simple terms, the accuracy of instrument pipe joint refers to the accuracy degree that the measured value of instrument pipe joint is close to the true value, which is usually expressed by relative percentage error. In order to improve the accuracy of instrument pipe joint, error analysis is required. Error can be divided into negligence error, slow variation error, systematic error and random error. Negligence error refers to the error caused by human beings in the process of measurement. Firstly, it can be overcome; secondly, it has nothing to do with the instrument pipe connector itself. The slow change error is caused by the aging process of the components inside the instrument pipe joint, which can be overcome and eliminated by replacing components or parts or by continuous correction. Refers to a system error to repeat the same measured parameters measurement, the error of the numerical size or symbols are the same, or change of error according to certain rule, but has not yet been know caused by accidental factors, the numerical size and nature are not fixed, it is difficult to estimate, but can be by statistical method theoretically estimate its influence on test results. Error sources mainly refer to systematic error and random error. When accuracy is expressed by error, it refers to the sum of random error and systematic error.