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Action principle of single - edge bayonet joint

Action principle of single - edge bayonet joint

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Pipe at the bottom of the insert card and sleeve joint guarantee and joint, (2) the contact card set right under the nut tight roof pressure, the left side is squeezed into the connector body cone hole and the gap between the pipe and make the card sets of male cone cone contact seal, card sets of the inner edge of joint (1) the embedded steel tube outer wall and quiet in the walls of the pipe pressure out of a ring groove and an annular convex (4), form a seal; Further tighten the nut so that the middle part of the sleeve is slightly raised, resulting in elastic deformation. The elastic stress causes friction between the right end face of the sleeve and the cone face of the nut, so as to prevent the nut from becoming loose. The elastic deformation part can absorb the vibration in the hydraulic pipe.