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Detailed description of double - edge bayonet joint

Detailed description of double - edge bayonet joint

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The double-edged bayonet joint USES two blade bayonet, namely, a cutting edge (1) and a stop edge (2). The stop edge not only forms a second seal, but also prevents the cutting edge from biting the pipe, thus improving the joint's vibration resistance and anti-pulling ability. The sleeve seal is mostly metal to metal seal. In order to improve the sealing and repeated installation of the sleeve joint, the sleeve with elastic sealing ring is now available, as shown in the figure below. Replacing the traditional hard seal with elastic seal, the sealing effect is better and the reinstallation is better. An excellent double sleeve joint can do:
● withstand up to the pipe blasting pressure without leakage.
● can be used in vacuum and high pressure liquid system.
● it can work at low temperature to ensure sealing.
● durable sealing at the highest rated temperature of the pipe.
● can be repeatedly disassembled and sealed.